Monday, January 2, 2012

Minnesota Teacher Salaries

Teachers are an important part of our society and I have two of them in my family. If you compare their pay to an athlete making millions for playing a game or some of those Wall Street rube's making millions from others suffering, then yes they are underpaid.

However, do not feel too sorry for the profession they choose. (Minnesota teachers Pay)

Many teachers, including my family members, want it both ways.
My brother-in-law is very happy to tell you all the rewards of being a teacher. Relishing in his summers off, and never having to work a holiday. He likes that there are only 180 school days a year, and that every month has a long-weekend so he can hunt.

In casual conversation, my brother-in-law and sister acknowledge that new teachers put in some extra prep time outside of those school days. However, saying by the time you are tenured you have a set curriculum that just needs a little tweaking each year.

 On the other hand, these two are quick to pull out the poor teacher card whenever it suits them or benefits their cheapness. Here is the problem with their claims. These two middle schoolteachers who cry poor me, each make over $72,000 a year, and I had to call them out.

You see since taxpayers pay their salaries, there is a freedom of information act. Their income is posted for all to see. So be cheap, just don't make excuses.

What your teacher or public employee makes is public information.  
Here is a link for Minnesota. Just go to the education part and type in their name.


Zazzy Episodes said...

Living in Wisconsin our governor wanted to do some drastic things that affected school teachers including making them pay for healthcare as opposed to not having to pay for it in the past. My hubby and I aren't siding with the teachers because of the public knowledge of their salaries we too agree that they make enough to at least afford a monthly premium like the rest of us. I'm glad you spoke up!

NP Odyssey said...

Zazzy, exactly.
Teachers are paid well with a good schedule, and I did not mention their retirement and benefits.
It is nice they make good money, but I'm tired of the complaining.
Do not go into a profession whether teaching, nursing or being a chef and then complain about the pay.

rnraquel said...

I think all adults should have to pay something for their health coverage. I did not understand the big deal with the teachers in Wisconsin and their protests. I think Congress should especially have to pay for their health insurance too. Welcome to the real world, guys! My spouse pays $700 a month for family coverage with a big deductible, all of this with no summers off. Now granted in some states, like when I lived in N.C., many teachers do make crappy salaries, but in many states they are doing great for themselves!

NP Odyssey said...

Rnr, Congress is out of touch, and talk about working part-time. They should pay their own health insurance and have to rely on Social Security when they retire. Right now student loans are paying my monthly health insurance.

Cartoon Characters said...

And then there are the teachers in my province who are still "on strike" and they complain about the same things except because of socialized medicine - they don't have to worry about any medical/copay/deductible situation. They still whine....and one had the audacity to say that they "don't get paid for the two months not working in the summer"....except they don't mention they make in excess of $70K for the one else gets it that good...

NP Odyssey said...

CC, yes. Plus nurses, firefighters and police are usually required to work holidays and weekends.

Candi said...

Ok was I the only one that thought this was funny b/c you called them cheap, lol.