Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Southwest flight H1N1

Came back from class, and it looks like my apartment threw-up. Between starting to pack, and finishing class, there are papers and clothes, semi-strategically placed everywhere. Thou to look at it, you wouldn't know.

Flying out in a couple days, and the scariest thing about commercial flying is the people around you. The news media has gone wild with the swine flu, and the end of the world. Not that they over sensationalize everything. Remember SARS, Y2K, the bird flu. Soon we will all be inundated with December 21, 2012. At least let me graduate before the world ends.

Not that I don't take precautions when flying. Remember commercial aircraft have one of the most effective HEPA filtration systems available. And, the clean air comes out of those little annoying jets above your head. So breath as much of that as you can. The real problem is you have to touch everything. Like those little annoying jets. The arm rests, the window shades, and tray tables. The other catch-22 are people. Someone sits six inches to your side. God forbid your stuck in the middle seat. Then they sit behind you, three across. Guaranteed someone is going to cough, or sneeze. At least on Southwest you pick your own seat when getting on. So, me and my Hand Sanitizer will be heading to the back of the plane.