Saturday, September 27, 2014

New Grad Nurse Practitioner Jobs

If you are adventurous and eventually want to apply and get that dream job you need experience and the right resume. When I worked with student nurses I told them to go anywhere to get that new experience. Experience matters first and then employers will look at the quality of that experience. New grad nurse practitioners may need to do the same. If you think medical students move away from home for 5-8 years to get their experience, a year or two is not bad. 

To employers experience matters first, and then they look at the quality of that experience. As a new grad NP you have some choices. However, new grad NPs opportunities are limited and not always the best. Truthfully, there are some crappy jobs out there for new grad NPs. Many jump into that first job at a no name place, that requires none of your skills, and you will take blood pressures and fill out paperwork all day. The whole time knowing you will leave as soon as you get the experience. Future employers know this too when they look at your resume.

Mayo Clinic is a medical destination for people from around the world, and one of the country's most prestigious names in healthcare and research. Mayo Clinic consistently ranks as one of the top medical institutions and schools in the country, and they hire new grad nurse practitioners. Although they many smaller clinic and a hospital in Arizona and Florida, I am only talking about the Rochester MN campus, with over 35,000 employees. Of that about 1000 are NPs and PAs, and they are very nurse practitioner friendly. There is no battle here between NPs and PAs, we are equal. Because it is one of the top medical schools, they are use to teaching people, and they have resources to teach you. I have met NPs and RNs from all over the country here doing one if two things. They moved here like an extended travel nursing assignment and get a lot of experience, or they fall in love and make Mayo their life long employer. Either way you win. Minnesota also makes it relatively easy to get your credentials approved through the Board of Nursing. When your future employer looks at your resume what will be the quality of your experience?

Monday, August 18, 2014

Diet Mt. Dew

Learned a lot today in the pre, intra and post-operative settings. I also learned that an important accessory for many of the physicians, residents and medical staff was the use of Diet Mountain Dew. I admit I was a regular user in nursing school.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

New NP Job

The new career as a Nurse Practitioner is underway. Right now I could not be any happier, but at the same time I do not want to jinx myself. It always seems that when you think things are going well, then your luck changes. Originally when I went back to school to become an NP the plan was to get into a smaller primary care clinic, and out of the hospital setting. Semi-ironic that I now find myself in one of the largest integrated medical centers in the world. In orientation they told us there were more than 35,000 employees at this location. Besides the clinic there are two hospitals, a medical school, research facilities, plus graduate and science programs.

As big and as many people that are here it feels comfortable, and not at all like the many hospitals environments I have worked at in the past. The many different services like cardiovascular, orthopedics, oncology, etc perform and feel like that smaller clinic I wanted to work.

Back to working 40-50 hours weeks and learning that my brain hurts and I feel sleep deprived. Plus besides working in the clinic, next week they start training me to assist in surgery.      

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Now you call. . .

I believe things happen for a reason, because I feel extremely fortunate to be starting a new job at this facility, and in the specialty I wanted.

However, today I got a call from a second clinic that I applied to months ago offering me a job. Truthfully from other NPs I talked too it did not have a good reputation as a place to work, but it was only blocks from my home. Two months ago I would have taken that job only to stay in NorCal, and subsequently missed out on this great opportunity. Things happen for a reason.