Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Evil Stepmother

It is not school and working part time that has been consuming all my time. Longer than I have been in school we have also been fighting a court battle over the estate of my late father. The evil stepmother description fits this situation well. His estate that was put in trust, then disappeared and she is refusing court orders to provide an accounting and hiding facts. The longer she can drag this out and cost us money, the more she thinks we will disappear. Not going to happen, but that is how she deals with problems.

The problem is it involves 3 states and jurisdictions. I have gone to Oregon several times and tomorrow when I should be putting the final additions on a research paper for submission, and preparing for tests, instead I will be flying to Nevada for a 9am court appearance. Next week back to Oregon for another hearing. These are the frustration I would love to blog about and get out of my head, but then again I become more hesitant of who is reading this and giving details about our case.

Life pulls us all in multiple directions and tests us regularly, hopefully this is just another life lesson.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Fork in the Road

I drive by this sign often and sometimes wonder if I should just stay in the other lane today.
Kind of like life and the decisions we make, it is not about looking back, but more about going forward.

So often I do not post now because I use Google Docs, Gmail, Blogger, Google + and have a YouTube account. Actually, Google has well over a hundred products that they have decided to tie together, which makes it easy to figure out who you are. Therefore, like many bloggers if I cannot say things because others know me, so I am debating if blogger is not the right tool to keep using.    

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Shallows

Is it pick on teens week? This was reported on WebMD out of the University of Winnipeg, and finds that teens who text a lot tend to be more selfish. Well, they said more concerned with wealth and image, rather than morals. I'll hold me comment because I see plenty of so called adults who text more than they talk.

The Shallows by Nicholas Carr, referred to in the article. It is an interesting topic and book we discussed in-depth last year about the ever-increasing short attention span we are developing related to technology and the Internet.   

Friday, February 3, 2012

Please don't care.

A little thanks to the USPS.

A plastic bag in my mail with a crumpled ripped up letter inside. Taking the mangled letter out of the bag and flattening it I notice what it is. The bag apologized for the inconvenience the postal service had caused, along with other words of nothingness.
I do not care if the occasional letter gets mangled, especially if it another credit card ad or monthly bill. However, this piece of mail they randomly destroyed was my yearly W-2 form. Ripping the bottom out of a folded document produced four separate pieces of my State and Federal forms. Maybe I will do my taxes the old fashion way this year instead of electronically. I will mail my excessively stapled and taped up mess of paperwork to the IRS this year so they can have a laugh too.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Just another day, week, month...

So much to do and so many irons in the fire, I get lost and some days do not know where to start. School continues to be a challenge of attrition with all the work and papers that need to be completed. Everyone I talk to in and out of my specialty group has that same deer in the headlights feeling. You talk to them and notice this pathetic little satisfaction they have knowing people besides themselves are suffering under the workload. My practitioner peers almost make me proud.