Friday, February 3, 2012

Please don't care.

A little thanks to the USPS.

A plastic bag in my mail with a crumpled ripped up letter inside. Taking the mangled letter out of the bag and flattening it I notice what it is. The bag apologized for the inconvenience the postal service had caused, along with other words of nothingness.
I do not care if the occasional letter gets mangled, especially if it another credit card ad or monthly bill. However, this piece of mail they randomly destroyed was my yearly W-2 form. Ripping the bottom out of a folded document produced four separate pieces of my State and Federal forms. Maybe I will do my taxes the old fashion way this year instead of electronically. I will mail my excessively stapled and taped up mess of paperwork to the IRS this year so they can have a laugh too.


Zazzy Episodes said...

Too funny!

Tine said...

That's horrible. They once lost a textbook I mailed. They only found a shred of the envelope I had sent it in.