Thursday, June 7, 2012

Lost in Life

Almost forgot about blogging, although probably like most people who are excited about starting a new life and journey in school you get lost. All the sudden you are inundated with work, work and work. Not going to lie, school is kicking my ass and at times doubts creep in about finishing. It is fu***** hard all the work of graduate school.   

I could just go back to travel nursing with no rent or worries. Zero bills, free insurance and travel. That sounds wonderful…. Truthfully, travel nursing has some drawbacks. Like meeting people who become distant friends as soon as you take the next assignment. Or meeting someone you really care about and then they are gone.

Current stress 100%, travel nursing stress 90% less than that. What to do?


A Doc 2 Be said...

Keep on trucking, NP! Ask yourself, in 5 years, will you care whether you are fried right now? or will you be happy you stayed the course?

Therein, lies your answer. It is the debate in my head right now after getting an abysmal "B" in biochem. Last semester kicked my ass from here to there and then to thereafter when it was done.

My best to you - glad to see you are alive and well!!!

NP Odyssey said...

Yes the first year will be done next week. Then only clinicals during the summer.
Thanks AD2B

MamaDoodle said...

Been there. Still there at times. But things are looking up as I'm choosing a certifying body and starting to study for boards. You will make it! And it will be worth it.

(My blog has also suffered from serious neglect. Something to do with 50+ clinical hours per week and academic work on top of that. I think it's ok to re-prioritize.)

Celebrating with you how far you've come! Looking forward to celebrating your success when you get to the end!

NP Odyssey said...

Thanks. Just have to stay focused.

Candi said...

Hm, I'd say if you've come this far then finish it!! You'll be thankful you did and if worse comes to worse you can STILL be a travel nurse, just a more qualified one ;)