Monday, July 15, 2013

Next Chapter

Clinicals are completed and my final project handed in.  Which means I am finally done with school, well unless I go back for my DNP or PhD, and that will not be happening this year.  Board certification and a resume will be the next projects.  Now that I have started looking at jobs, it feels good to see so many available. I have physicians and NPs that I worked with willing to give me references.  You always want doctors you worked with for your references, but always wonder what they really thought about your skills. The medical and nursing models are different ways of working and caring for patients.  
One doctor is trying to get me a job where she works, but I don't know if that is a good fit. I would like to stay here, but the other day Las Vegas sounded good, now that Nevada has passed the bill for NP independence. The only bad thing about Vegas is I do not like the desert climate.  

Anyway, maybe for the next chapter in life I should start a new blog. Especially one not connected to the Google platforms. Although nothing is going to happen for a few weeks while I rest first.   


PediNP said...

Congrats on this huge accomplishment.

BTW, I tried starting a new blog on WordPress. After about 2 weeks, I felt settled in to my new home, and then the trolls found me. I got hit with the most vile spam and comments you could imagine. It upsets me that there are such mean, nasty people out there. I never got that on Google.

It wasn't worth it. I miss blogging, but I"m done.

Dolce said...

Congratulations on graduating!

I am currently a student trying to get my MA in an NP program. I wish you the best out there and hope you find a job that fits you. I find your blog to be really informative! :)

Sophia said...

Congratulations! What an accomplishment. Looking forward to hearing about your job search.