Friday, February 26, 2010

Medical Intuitive

I think a lot of things happen for a reason; they may be life lessons, open new doors or for that matter close the bad chapters in your life. We need to be open to all possibilities of life, because you really start to understand how backwards some of our thinking is.
This is a feeling I've had  for years while working in hospitals, we do a terrible job of treating patients holistically (mind, body, spirit), instead just treating the parts. It always frustrates me as a nurse in the hospital that you're limited in what you can do, and your job is to follow the orders written by the doctors, which always seem to be the same thing depending on the diagnosis.
This was one huge factor in wanting to get out of bedside nursing and into working with patients as a whole person, and not just as a diagnosis.

So in treating a person in the holistic manner what does that include. I recently met a classmate who studies and works as a medical intuitive. I wasn't sure what it was but after asking questions and looking it up, it kind of sounds like psychic, or energy medicine. When I think of holistic care my idea was a little different, and this was not something I included. She said she has worked with Md's before, so maybe I just need to be more open to the possibilities, and I'll try not to think negative thoughts in case she really is psychic.

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