Monday, January 18, 2010

The farther backward you can look, the farther forward you can see - Churchill

After a short insightful break from school and work the winter quarter has started, as well as the new year. It always seems to take that first week to get your head and motivation back into the school frame of thinking. Although it better happen soon since this is the second week already.
In the past few weeks things have become more clear as to where this odyssey is heading. In fact it sounds strange, but it's almost a peaceful feeling for the future and what's happening right now. I talked to some people that have been absent for a longtime, then took a step back, and saw what was important. One of the areas that needed reevaluating was why I wasting so much mental energy dealing with flaky family members, whose concerns in life are only selfish endeavours. I don't have time for that when I see other family and friends struggling, but also making a difference in what their doing.
Looking back to see what was right and wrong does help you navigate into the future. Not to say that things will be easy, and there will be hard days, and days when shit happens that is out of my control, but isn't that life?

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