Thursday, July 8, 2010

Oakland Rioters what Exactly is Your Point?

The idiots appeared briefly last evening after a verdict in a trial was decided. Now when I say idiots I do not mean the people who peacefully protest and try to get something done through community organizing or political means.

 No these stupid people break windows of local businesses, spray paint buildings and looted a few stores, do they realize these are the same businesses that employ local people. How are you getting your point across when the businesses you loot are the Foot Locker, a jewelry store and a convenience store? That is plain greed not protesting.
This is the same mentality of people who riot after championship games, large political events or concerts. Watch the World Cup this weekend and see if they do the same kind of thing? (Go Netherlands).

The bad part is Oakland is a large city with some nice areas; it was iconic that the news showed kids playing in the park only blocks from these protesters. Within close proximity you can visit areas like Lake Merritt or Koreatown, then UC Berkeley and Pixar studios border the city on the north on the north side. Sad that a couple bad apples ruin it for others.

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