Sunday, July 18, 2010


It was a few days early but I called and wished a friend of many years a happy birthday, better early than forget later, and it made me think of horoscopes, because she shared this day with an ex. These two in good and bad ways are different, like those born on my birthday, even in the same year, we are different.
We have all read some form of a horoscope, but most realizing they are just for entertainment, that is why they are located in that part of the paper, and not under news or current events. It's human nature to want to believe the good horoscope or fortune cookie and leave the bad ones on the table. But like life it is how we interpret what is said and our attitude towards it.

You see it in patients all the time, the positive upbeat ones do better than those negative people, this also plays into how they get treated. The Md's, nurses, therapists and all staff just tend to spend less time with those patients who are confrontational, pessimistic and like a bad wound seeping negative energy.
It reminded me of a now d/c'd comic, reminiscent of the Far Side, called Horrorscope. It says a lot into how we interpret events and words both current and past; do you want them to be negative or positive?

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