Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Nurse Killed in State run Mental Hospital

So sad and condolences to this nurses family and friends. It makes me ask why was this man not under constant control?
Years ago before I became an RN I worked in a government operated long-term mental health facility as an aide, but sometimes I felt like a caretaker for grown adults, and it was unpredictable.
Truthfully, I loved my clients and 99% of the time they were great and fun to be around. But, every once in a while there was a reason they were located there, and would end up spending time deescalating from some crisis in a padded room. That was the thing, sometimes you knew what set someone off, other times it just happened and you were caught in the middle. My facility was for people not safe enough to be in public unsupervised, but it was not a full lock-down psych facility, like where this nurse was killed last week.

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