Tuesday, February 1, 2011


As I watch the continuing news coverage on what is happening in Egypt I feel so happy for the people. They are making their destiny and for the most part in a peaceful manner; which is amazing for a country so large with over 80 million people.
If that happened here the rioters and looters would be out of control, heck it take a lot less than that, sometimes just a little alcohol and a sports championship to ignite the stupidity.

I'm sure we will hear about incidents, situations and lies that a dying government will try to use, but I wish the people well on this new journey and may it stay peaceful now and into their future.

Update: I wrote this yesterday because today things turned and the pro-government thugs moved in and started clashing with the demonstrators.


Doctor Blondie said...

It does sound like you'd almost want to be part of it, doesn't it?

Zazzy Episodes said...

I was happy to see some of the Egyptian citizens cleaning the streets because of the pride they have to keep things clean despite the stupid choices from others.

NP Odyssey said...

Guess I spoke to soon, this morning it looks like people are finally getting frustrated and acting out.