Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Extreme Couponing

Extreme Couponing, has anyone seen this, because after listening to a couple people at work talk about the show and saying how much they love it, it made me want to get cable TV again. Everybody has seen the people on TV who go into a store and buy $100 worth of groceries for less than a $1. Well, I guess TLC has taken it to a new level and shows people who make it an obsession and full-time job. They don't pay for anything.

This kind of mental illness reality TV I can handle, like Hoarders or Intervention. You can keep the Bachelor, House Wives of whatever city and those Jersey people. Although, I think those whiny Jersey people have some mental health problems too.

Yes, I have been called cheap a few times over the years, although I prefer the word thrifty. You know a Costco, Target somewhat thrifty kind of a person. Being in school full-time doesn't help either with the money situation, and if I can get a coupon or good deal, I’m there.

The funny thing is that most of the people who call others cheap, are usually cheap themselves and in some kind of denial. Coupons are a good thing and there is a reason companies spend money putting them out there.

OK, these are a different kinds of extreme couponing, but feel free to use them.


Cartoon Characters said...

I always like a great deal, and believe me, the ones with money got there by being frugal!! :)

As far as those 2 coupons go....well.... ;)

NP Odyssey said...

CC, your hubby would appreciate them and they save money.

Zazzy Episodes said...

I've heard of this coupon show on TLC, one of my nursing friends is a fan and saved $31 the last time she shopped. If I had time to clip and organize coupons, then my grades would surely suffer. :-)

Estelle Darling said...

I only watched the show once. It was a little much. Does anyone really need 20 gallons of laundry soap?
Although, one of the guys was doing it to put together care packages for soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. So I can forgive the mental illness. ;)

& I love those coupons. Haha. I have a few that I have yet to cash in or give away. lol

The Vegetable Assassin said...

Dude, I was TOTALLY impressed by the extreme couponers. I mean, sure they were seventeen KINDS of sad in many ways, but they were so damn excited to save money and get stuff for free and proud that they'd worked the system that it was heart warming. And they saved a shit load. I mean who else craves enough stock supplies of toothpaste and rice to survive a nuclear winter? No one. Who else buys 3000 packets of 2 ply toilet paper just BECAUSE THEY EFFING CAN? Although, admittedly, it did sort of make my jaw drop a little when they ring up $800 of stuff and only end up paying $6.49 or some such thing. I mean that's impressive. Saving and being careful with money is awesome, but extreme couponing? I don't know. Who has 40 hours a week to do that? Too bad there isn't a coupon in there somewhere for getting a life.

NP Odyssey said...

Zazzy, it takes time to save that kind of money.

Darling, everybody wins when you give away the coupons to someone who will use them on you.

VA, I have never seen the show, but you make me want to see it even more now. Anytime you can get free crap it can't be all that bad.
Why don't they open up a little shop and sell all the extras?

Red Stethoscope said...

I watch Extreme Couponers and I love it! Those people do have some sort of hoarding compulsion, though, because there is just NO REASON to own 300 sticks of deodorant. RE: The last two coupons, I just printed them out for future use, thanks. (KIDDING.)

NP Odyssey said...

Red, use them in the Dominican.