Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Real Mother's Day

What would every mother like for Mother’s Day, maybe a complete and professional makeover of her hair and makeup?

Well, that is what happened in the city yesterday to 25 women, but these women were not part of a win a makeover for your Mother on Mother's day contest.

No, these 25 Mothers called one of the local shelters home and next week they will be receiving job training and interview skills. When you have children, the last place you plan to call home is a shelter. Therefore, although I wish all mothers a happy mother’s day, I wish these ones a little bit more of one.


rnraquel said...

That is awesome.
We should all count our blessings.

Amber said...

That really is cool! Happy Mothers Day to them :)

Krista said...

They absolutely deserve it, what an awesome act of kindness <3