Sunday, June 5, 2011

Old Nurses

I was not sure whether to be flattered or slightly depressed, as the financial aid seminar progressed. The counselor explained how she liked nursing students and had a soft spot for them, especially after the recent hospitalization of her mother and the nurses who cared for her. Well the majority of nurse are likable I thought. As she explained further about her financial aid department doing everything possible to assist us in not worrying about money for school. That helps, because the added stress of money on top of everything else is too much for some people. She then started clarifying the demographics of the students making up the university, including the old nurses.

Okay she didn't exactly say old nurses, what she said was that the average age of the students in the nursing programs, was 10 years older than that of the average age of those students in the school of medicine. Again to self, that explains why those residents and new doctors keep getting younger every time I go to work.

I should give a little more background about this university. It is attached to a large medical and research facility and consists of only medical, dental, pharmacy and graduate nursing programs.

So anyway many of these old nurses entering graduate school have been working for years as registered nurses, before coming back to school for their masters or PhD. The counselor went on to say that they are more likely to have established themselves in life and have families, children and a mortgage. This meant their financial worries and stresses were a little different. Whereas, the medical students tended to be younger, more flexible and probably more willing to move for their careers, while trying to establish themselves in the medical field.
Not sure, what these average ages were, maybe 28 and 38, or it could be just a few old nurses or young medical students dragging the curve along with them.

Thinking again, this is a different stereotype than exists in the outside world, where people usually think of old doctors and young nurses.


Doctor Blondie said...

Hah, yes!!

I'm the young doctor.... and I doubt the young nurses have the same issues I have: some people just don't believe that I'm a professional.

Cartoon Characters said...

Yes, i am one of those OLD nurses. Don't know how I got here though.

When I was younger, (a lot younger) my patients couldn't believe that I was actually a professional. We do have the same issues!

It soon changes though. Age catches up quite quickly and soon you wish that you were mistaken for some kid off the street...


Candi said...

Wow at 38 I guess I qualify as one of your "old nurses", or at least I will once I get into nursing school. I swear I never think of myself as old. Sometimes I still feel like I'm 22 instead of 38 going on 39!!