Monday, June 20, 2011

Put it on a stick and deep fry it. It's done.

Downloaded and handed in a hard copy of my final paper, which ended up being 33 pages. Funny, how the minute you hand in that final paper and complete that final exam, you forget how awful the last 11 weeks have been. Nevertheless, it is over now.

Twelve weeks with nothing to study and no assignments due until at least September. (Look a fragmented sentence and I don’t care). I can read something for pleasure and not because it is required. If I had crappy cable TV, I would be watching it. Note to self don’t get cable. Should pick up some extra shifts at the hospital, but probably no more than required to pay the bills. I’m sick of working too.

Heading to Minneapolis in August to visit family and friends. Might need to get some Sweet Martha’s Cookies too, along with some other various edible things on a stick. The MN State Fair is a uniquely gross, and yet tantalizing event. So many future overweight cardiac cath patients in one place, eating and eating and eating. However, that's the tradition. They started eating and doing this fair thing before the Civil war, so who's to argue with tradition. I wonder what they deep fried back then?


Marianne said...

Congrats on finishing the past 11 weeks!!! Enjoy your time off. Don't do anything more than you have to do... 12 weeks of freedom isn't something you get every year.

Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

Right on. Take some time to lie near the sun and smell the blooming foliage. You have done well.

Syndal said...

ooh i get some sweet martha's every year! yumm!

A Doc 2 Be said...

We do love our State Fair, don't we?

Scotcheroos on a stick.

Somore's on a stick.

Potato Chips on a stick.


NP Odyssey said...

Marianne, it will be nice.
Lynda, any smell outside of the hospital would be fine by me.
Syndal, same here, but not the cup of cookies, you have to have the bucket of cookies.
Doc2be, I figured out I will eat just about anything on a stick.

Zazzy Episodes said...

I'm triple happy you finished your class. I'm envious that you'll be going to the MN State Fair; if you see my family, tell them all Hello for me. Who will be performing at the Grand Stand?

NP Odyssey said...

Zazzy, I would say Hi to your family at the Mn State Fair, but I don't want to stalk anyone while I'm on vacation.

Don't know all the performers, however their web page says people like Reba, Def Leppard, Weezer and J Lo's hubby Marc Anthony

evil.twin said...

Deep-fried Kool-Aid.

Yep, they did it.