Saturday, August 6, 2011

"The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men"

When school ended, I thought I would be smart and make myself available whenever they needed me to pick up as many shifts as possible. I knew that once school resumed in September the last thing I would feel like doing is working most weekends.

Well the idea might have sounded good two months ago, but now they are calling almost every day. In most situations this would be fine, however, now I’m tired of working with patients. Well, it’s not so much the patients, because only a few are the ones who suck your motivation and energy, like the government has sucked the confidence out of the American people. It is more the unit politics and certain staff that make for difficult shifts. You learn quickly who the team players are; they jump in and help when it’s needed. While some are never available, that is unless they need you.

The money helps, but being burned out before school and clinicals even start is not a good idea. So how much is the lottery up to?

Gratuitous cute mouse picture 


Thatgirl said...

Is it too late to block out some days on the work schedule where you can just take a mini-vacation for yourself where you're not working, not studying and are just relaxing?

NP Odyssey said...

Thatgirl, that is the plan for now. I'm already booked off for the last two weeks of August, but I might need more than that.

Cartoon Characters said...

Thanks for reminding me!

I have 8 lottery tickets from last year and I keep forgetting to check them. I have until the 28th of this month for one of them, or it's void....hahaha

rnraquel said...

Sometimes mentally and physically you just need some rest. Take care of yourself!

Just an Intern said...

Love the mouse.
Every few shifts it is a total crap show for some of our best RN's so I understand the pain. Hang in there.

Absentbabinski said...

Totally there with you, Dude. I've been 50% at work over my "holiday" between school years :/