Monday, November 28, 2011

Nature calling

Things are just happening so quickly that I have not felt like blogging about work or school lately. However, after practicing in the skills lab this morning I went outside to find that the fog had cleared and it was a nice day.

Walking or anything that resembles exercise has not been a regular part of my routine over the past few months. Therefore, it was nice to get some fresh air and sunshine before heading home. Not sure if I want to stay in the city after graduation, because I like having nature a little closer than a two-hour drive. A patch of grass among the high-rise buildings might work for some, but not me.

This little girl was having some fun, but I could not decide if I was amused or disgusted as I watched her run amongst the pigeons. Not the kind of nature I grew up with.


Thatgirl said...

Glad you could get out and get some fresh air. I find that if I go too long without spending at least a little while outside I start craving it :)

A Doc 2 Be said...

I've heard Minnesota has great green areas, lush forests, lawns that span for yards... of course, that does come after months of white stuff :)

Glad you could enjoy a short respite from studying!