Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Clostridium difficile and the dog

Really. This WebMD article says researchers in the Netherland taught a dog to sniff out C. difficile. Poor dog.  The dog was a 2-yer-old beagle named Cliff. Come on Cliff and C. diff, researchers are not very cleaver with word play. Anyway, when other dogs are taught to sniff out drugs and bombs, they are rewarded with tasty treats. What do you give a dog that is taught to sniff out C. diff.  I’m thinking maybe a bath.

Seriously did they spend a lot on this research, because I bet 75% of nurses with some experience at the bedside can tell you if a patient has C. diff. Even from the hallway at that particular time, nurses can make an educated guess as to whether someone has C. diff.

If fact nurses are so good we can tell the difference between the smells of a GI bleed bowel movement, C. diff diarrhea and hospital cafeteria food flatus.  Don’t try to impress your friends or family with this fact during Christmas vacation.  

Another good way to know if a patient has C. diff.  When you are floated to a new floor, look at your assignment. Yes, your patient in isolation will be the one with C. diff.   

You want me to spend my life doing what? Pick him, no pick him.


PediNP said...

Have you heard that latest treatment for Cdiff is fecal transplants? I kid you not. Here's the poop on it:

I just don't know if I could do this...

NP Odyssey said...

PediNP, I have heard of that. I make light of C diff but it can be deadly. We have created so many resistant bugs that a fecal implant with healthy bacteria is an option.

It would have to be life or death for me to try it.