Friday, December 7, 2012


Just need a break.

One more week and finals will be over. Tests are stressful, but not as much as when your instructor comes out to your primary care site to evaluate you. That is stressful. They come and sit in the corner of the exam room and say just ignore me. The patients don’t have a problem with it, but the students are a wreck. Did I diagnose it right, did I come up with the appropriate differential diagnosis and did I order the right meds and consults.

I would love to be out in the woods breathing fresh air and walking a Labrador. That is the best way to beat stress. Until then I just need to keep the goal in mind for six more months, then I can get a job and dog.


Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

Hang in there. You're doing great. I know it's very hard right now but like you say, Keep your eye on the prize. That NP will look So Good after your name. My dream is that you come to the SF Bay Area and go to work for my PCP-she's great and runs a super clinic where your fine skills would be a welcome addition.

NP Odyssey said...

Lydia, that would be nice.
A clinic and experience will be my goal soon. Let me know if she is looking in six months.

A Doc 2 Be said...

I have been far too entrenched in my own things lately... But would encourage you to thnk of Great Danes.... Not Only good for walks but also for comic relief :)