Thursday, October 1, 2009

Can't get out of Dodge

Left Tuesday morning, and was making good time. That is until strong headwinds in Kansas. But, it was expected. I may end up here for a couple of days until the winds die. But, better them, than me. If I has stayed more north the weather was looking like a week of snow, rain and cold temperatures all the way to the Pacific. Now it looks like I'll get out of here on Friday.

They gave me a car at the airport so I can explore a little. The only thing is, this town smells like stockyards, and slaughterhouses. Of which there are many. Everything revolves around beef here. I pity if a PETA member got in trouble in this town. Like some bad horror movie, they might be processed, and labeled Kosher. I guess Boot Hill is the most famous thing here, so I'll go see that. And, if it sucks. That's Okay, there is an Applebee's in the same parking lot. I wonder what part of the cow will be the special of the day.

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