Sunday, October 11, 2009

Grow or die

So many people are content to live a linear life. I've also been guilty of it. No matter how often some are presented with a chance to improve, or change, they avoid it. We frequently see this in healthcare. But more so outside of it. Dead end friendships, relationships, and jobs, are the most common. Maintaining the status quo takes less work. So then in turn, not changing is the easy way out.
This mythical fork in the road is too often mistaken for just another inconvenience, or speed bump along life's journey. We need to veer to the other path for an opportunity to grow and change. My easy way out would have been to not start school. However, more frightening would have been to stay along the same path. Actually, several recent decisions are not the direction I would have followed in the past. Maybe I'm just getting better at recognizing the alternatives to not changing.

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