Thursday, October 22, 2009

New Career?

Now that the Federal government said is not going to go after medical marijuana users, and growers, at least in the 14 States where it is legal. Would that be such a bad career choice?

On the farm in Oregon this past weekend, two of the neighbors have been growing pot (medical marijuana) for years. When he first moved in we wondered why a neighbor down the hill would build a privacy fence around his property. We were in the country, privacy was not an issue. But now we know. Nice enough guy, and neighbor.

So now a lot of people in Southern Oregon, and Northern California seems to be either growing grapes for wine, or pot for medical use (using the term lightly). I don't fault them for trying to make a living.

So for a minute there the thought of taking care of plants versus taking care of people ran through my mind.

Plants won't give you the H1N1 virus, or vast amounts of other diseases, germs and bacteria.

When plants want water they can wait for an hour, or even a day. They are not hitting the call light every five minutes, calling you names under their breath, thinking you are neglecting them.

Growing plants I don't have to get up, or be somewhere at a certain time. I could avoid parking, and driving with other idiots on the road. Then having to work eight hours with some people you like, and others who you don't.

Plants won't sue me, or take me to court if I accidentally provide the wrong care. Threatening your livelihood.

The investment would be smaller. Maybe 10 acres somewhere with a small home. Compare that to all the loans over the next three years for school.

Plants don't have family that come and visit. Getting in the way, asking irrelevant questions, and costing you time that you should be spending with your other patients.

The hospital does not want me hanging out with certain plants, and will have me pee in a cup to prove I wasn't. However, plants don't really care who I hang out with.

Plants don't talk.

I sure there are several more reasons if given the time, but you get my point. On the other hand, I'm going to stay in school. Because I can think of just as many reasons why that is the smarter path. Plus I might end up in one of those other 36 states where it is illegal.

Craving for a tomato and avocado sandwich before class. Off to the produce market to buy what someone else grew. No I haven't been smoking anything.

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