Thursday, May 13, 2010

Travel Nursing Pitfalls

So glad I'm not travel nursing although the offers are coming in for jobs, I guess there is a huge strike that may happen in Minnesota on June 1st, and they are offering all kind of crazy money to go. I would think about going there, but school will not allow the free time.

But the main reason is what a friend went through yesterday, she started a new assignment up near Napa and after classroom orientation had one shift on the floor before being on her own. Well I guess she got stuck with a tough group of patients on the first day, and a staff member asked her how it was going? She was honest and said it sucks, most of the time people do not want an honest answer. Anyway they let her go after just driving here from AZ.  She has been with the same company for nine years so we'll see what they say, anyway we will have a chance to hangout for now.

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