Wednesday, May 19, 2010

IV Fructose

You can give intravenous dextrose and you can give intravenous glucose, but you can not give intravenous fructose, because of complications with the liver.

However that is not what I was thinking. High fructose corn syrup is in just about everything you buy in the store that is processed and uses sweetener. What the hell is high fructose corn syrup? They want you to think it is a natural sweetener, but it's not, it is made in a factory with caustic soda and enzymes.
HFCS has been rarely studied, although there is new research out of Princeton this year and HFCS does not look good for your health, and this is something that has been in our food for over forty years. The corn producers run ads and websites saying everything is OK it is just a sweetener, just like the tobacco companies said their products were safe for decades.

This person put a list of some foods containing HFCS
Partial list of high fructose corn syrup foods

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