Friday, November 12, 2010

University Online

Well, the place is clean and I've talked to several family members, so that must mean I'm procrastinating on writing papers that are due next week. Sometimes I think I could just pay somebody to take my ideas and do it for me, but that's the problem, my ideas are so scattered I need to write them down several times just to get a rough draft.

It makes me wonder about some of these online schools, how do you know who's doing the work? I'm sure 99% of the people do their own work, but how do you know that another family member, friend or source is not doing it for them?

With the recent happenings on Wall St. maybe someone taking an online business or banking degree is encouraged to cheat. Is there an accountability factor, or do they just trust people to be honest, because we see what that means in today's society. How does the University of Phoenix or other online schools monitor who is doing the work?

Hope my health care practitioner had some real hands on experience.


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