Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Nurses with Guns

Some visual images probably come to mind when you read the title, and I'm sure there have been some bad stereotyped dirty movies involving nurses and guns. Does anyone even say dirty movies anymore, now its porn or not.

Anyway its Christmas time and I decided to buy a gun, and no not "A Christmas Story - Red Ryder BB Gun", but something with a little more kick. There is a shooting range about ten minutes from here and for some reason it seemed like a good stress relieving activity. I don't have a problem with guns, just some of the people who own them. A background check should also include a mental health check.

Unless you're a crook this State is a tough place to buy a gun, but I jumped through the hoops and bought one anyway. I don't have a problem with guns just some of the people who own them, a background check should really include a mental health check as well.

In reality I will probably shoot it a couple times then lock it up for years to come. Maybe I should have just gotten a massage?

No idea what this says, but it must have been a masterpiece.

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Zazzy Episodes said...

Haha, nice poster that you found, looks like a good flick. Enjoy your time shooting and releasing some stress.