Sunday, December 26, 2010

Whack a Santa

Before leaving for Christmas I noticed one of the local supermarkets had a big variety of piñatas hung along the length of the store. Several parents stood there pointing and picking out certain ones and if I understood more Spanish I could tell you what they were debating.

The way in which they were acting piñatas appeared to be a big tradition for some families during Christmas, and it was important to pick out the right one for the kids.

There were dozens of varieties; however something seemed wrong about getting a Santa piñata. Should the kids be beating the man who is bringing their presents, even if it is only a representation of the real thing?

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Zazzy Episodes said...

Hahaha, good question. Where were you that people were speaking spanish? If that is the thing for them to do, I guess so be it. Now if they were hitting a pinata shaped like Jesus, that'd be wrong!