Friday, December 24, 2010

Nurses and Food

Did I gain weight during the past few weeks? Yes.

It was not only from family and friends sending me gift baskets and home baked cookies (those are the best). No, it is from work and the horrible nurses and nursing assistants.
All year long there is food to be found in hospital break rooms across this country, and I have seen it of from the east coast to west coast. This time of year it is doubly bad with all the sweets and baked goods.

But like I said nurses are horrible, year around they use any excuse to bring in some kind of unhealthy food. A birthday, holiday or special occasion is fine, but sometimes people bring in things just because they cleaned out their fridge or they wanted to bake, but not eat it.
See that homeless man on the freeway ramp, give it to him.

OK, I'm bitching because I'm weak!
Plus, this past year I've eaten more Filipino and Vietnamese food found in the staff break-rooms than I have in the last ten years.
I thought it was good working in the float pool, but now I realize that just means different staff telling me to eat. Every time I walk-in someone is encourage me to try something they made, I don't want to make them feel bad and so I eat.
There is no getting around it that Filipino food is not healthy, and definitely not how my co-workers make it. They basically fry everything and use various meats products in numerous combinations. 
Now off to eat more with family and friends over the next few days.


Doctor Blondie said...

Merry Christmas!

(If you don't feel hungry, ask people for the recipe)

Estelle Darling said...

We had a Nigerian student in our clinical group and she would bring in the most amazing stewed chicken with naan bread to share with all of us.
But I'm guilty of it too. I makes some pretty mean brownies, if I don't saw so myself. :-)

Zazzy Episodes said...

Tell them you're on a glutten free diet or some parasitic worm is inside your intestines and you can only eat some fruit and veggies, then when no one is looking grab small amounts (portions controlled) but make sure you don't get caught. :-)