Sunday, July 31, 2011

You're So Vain *

Information is starting to arrive for the graduate program and I am excited and scared at the same time. Even though tuition and books are relatively expensive, it does not register as a negative because it is part of my end goal. It also looks like there will be no rest as clinicals start right away in the first quarter. Among this information, there was a list of 10 names, along with that of an instructor; these are the people will form my clinical group.

As NP students, I know we will be practicing in many forms including sim labs, the real world and on each other. However, for some reason as I read that we will be practicing full physical exams on each other (Minus genital, breast and rectal exams), I felt a little self-conscious. Reading over the names in my clinical group, I notice that I am the only male listed. Now call me crazy because one of the reasons I like nursing is getting to work with mostly women, but that was not the issue.

The issue was the vain thought that crossed my mind of needing to lose 5-10 lbs by the time my peers started poking and prodding me in September. Maybe I have been working around women too long, because my mechanic would never think that.

*Thanks Carly Simon for the post title.


rnraquel said...

I would think the same thing. And
it is good to be in touch with your feminine side!

Cartoon Characters said...

Ha. That is so funny that you think that!

Five to Ten is nothing! I hate to say this, but the gals in your class will be so worried about their OWN 5-10 lbs (or less) that they won't even notice YOURS! ;)

It's true! So no letting those thots rub off on you. You have been around too much estrogen for way too long! ;)

Zazzy Episodes said...

That is too funny NPO. So what are you gonna do?

Miss Sassy Pants said...

I would probably feel the same way, but then again I am self conscious as it is.

Kendra said...

We had to pair up with classmates in Health Assessment last semester. I was partnered up with a male classmate who is a good friend of mine. He and I were both freaked out about the week we had to do weight assessment in lab. I think we both were so worried about our own selves that we didn't much pay attention to the other's number :-)

NP Odyssey said...

To all, thanks. You have to be able to laugh at yourself first in this industry.

Rnr, mine feminie side? That would explain some of my mood swings and love of ice cream.

CC, Too much estrogen is sometimes prefered to some of those testosterone idiots running around.

Zazzy, avoid the things on a stick at the State Fair.

MSP, don't worry being self-conscious faded when you get older. Especially when you are hospitalized and need help to the bathroom or need to be cleaned up.

Kendra, I have a feeling it will kind of be like that.

Amber said...

Hahahah! We have random, paid "patients" that come in for this. I was trembling nervous for the prostate and pap days!! I wonder if they were worried about weight loss?? If it were our own classmates I'd surely feel the same!

NP Odyssey said...

Amber, they also pay actors to be patients with a specific diagnosis. They said local theatre actors make the best patients. They can probably stay in character better, and make some extra money.