Friday, December 2, 2011


One paper and five finals over the next 7 days and they are calling me to work. No thank you that is why I switched to per Diem, because I knew these days would be coming. In fact, two years ago when I decided to finish my bachelors and go on to graduate school, I knew it would not be an easy journey. I evaluated the options of whether to give up steady pay, benefits and insurance in order to put it all on the line with a goal in mind. This is the first round of finals in graduate school and although the hurdles are higher and I may stumble, I will keep going.

 What is Kimmirut? There is a little town of approx. 400 people located above the Arctic Circle on Baffin Island. The thing is they have regular weather updates and a webcam set up looking out over a few houses and a bay. I have never seen a person and I think the ice and snow was gone for 2-3 months this summer. I am a little geeky with meteorology, but why am I fascinated looking at this little Inuit town on the edge of an island in the Arctic, and their 24 hr a day webcam? Somebody walk by the camera already.

Live Kimmirut webcam


A Doc 2 Be said...

It is December.

It is 32F here.

It is -2.3F there.

I will not complain about Minni again.


(oh, and GOOD LUCK on finals!!)

NP Odyssey said...

Plus, it is only light for 5 hours a day there now.

Wannabe_NP said...

If even light that long!

I have friends who have worked up in Rankin Inlet and Iqaluit. Everyone loves working temporarily up there because of the scenery, the people, the money, and the experience

Buttttt, after a couple of months, it does take a tole on your sanity.

I'm surprised that they have a live camera, since even Internet is poor up there!!

Kat said...

Hmmmm...makes you wonder where the people really are! Good luck on finals! I am a new follower.