Wednesday, March 2, 2011

*&#@+#$ Computer Virus

The last few weeks of the quarter and here I sit in the schools computer lab, because my computer is with the Geek Squad at Best Buy. So let me thank the low-life piece of shit who's big contributes to society is using up oxygen and inventing  #*+&@^# computer viruses. You're smart enough to mess with millions of people's computers, so why not instead try to do something useful with your life.

It's been five days so I stopped in to ask how things were going and the woman said to me it was post-op and would be ready tomorrow.  Post-op I said as she looked at me and explained, all the systems had been worked on and they would run a diagnostic test over night.

I thought it was kind of cool how different terminology intermingles into different professions. Pre and Post op were probably military terms before medicine adopted them. So not only can my computer catch a virus that can spread and needs to be operated on, but it can get worms and a Trojan horse. Now don't think of a horse wearing a Trojan, that's a different website. Alright back to work so I can get out of here.

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Zazzy Episodes said...

Goodness me, that's a shame isn't it?