Monday, March 21, 2011

Makes me wonder....

Am I strange because the rest of the planet uses Facebook and I don't? I have no desire to collect more friends I will never meet.

As I get older isn't eating preservatives a good thing?

Why do we label people?

Now with cell/smart phones I can't remember phone numbers.

I wonder why doctors are the worst at washing their hand before going into patient rooms?

A woman leaving Target the other day with one shopping bag and she stops a foot from the double doors, looks around and walks to the right so she could use the automatic ones.

If you can't text and walk, what makes you think you can text and drive?

Why many medical centers employ more people in the billing and collects department than they do doctors.

And thanks for the shout out today Estelle at Word Lust, you don't make me wonder, well maybe a little.


Zazzy Episodes said...

I totally think I was that woman you saw at Target because I do that all the time. Haha in fact I've actually stopped in front of the doors that aren't automatic and just stare at them, hahahhahaha!
Too funny, also I gotta say that whole doctors aren't good about washing their hands before seeing the next patient totally grossed me out, because recently I was seen for what I thought was going to be an ear infection and he was totally touching all over my face! Ewwww, what if he just got done touching someone in another place and then touched all over my face, gross!
I gotta say that Estelle is a great blogger too!

Estelle Darling said...

Completely agree about the cell phone thing and not remembering numbers. I had to do a factory reset on my phone a few nights ago because it got a virus from an app. If my Gmail account didn't automatically save the numbers, I would be so screwed. lol

And my darling NP, do I even want to know what you are wondering about me? lol

Thank you, Zazzy. :)

Amber said... me to wondering, too! I saw a dude texting while driving a motorcycle once. With no helmet on. I had major cringe face going on!! But yes I am that person who does that in Target...well maybe not with just one bag---but with several bags plus a toddler in my arms, I certainly do!!

NP Odyssey said...

Zazzy, I wish I was a few steps closer to Target lady so I could have opened the door for her with a smug little look.

Don't want to label all docs and most are good in clinics because you're watching them. The ones flying around the hospital with a list of patients to see get caught up in time and bad habits.

Estelle, you don't want to know.

Amber, I use to ride a motorcycle and all I think about now when seeing them speed down the road is treating 80mph road rash, ouch.

I understand with kids and bags but this lady could have put up her free arm without breaking stride and pushed.

Estelle Darling said...

I think I do, NP. ;-)

Cartoon Characters said...

I know I use the auto doors since my's difficult to open doors i always take advantage...even turning and using my back doesn't help... :(

I like FB for keeping track of what my 150 relatives are all doing without having to phone every single one of them individually (so it does have a function!)

Cell phones & texting: now, I have no use for doing either. Why do we have to be constantly in touch? ;)

We all agree, I think, that Estelle is a great blogger! :)