Thursday, March 3, 2011

Should have been a Veterinarian or Marine Biologist

I ran across this blog about someone training to become a marine biologist and seeing the pictures of the animals and being able to work outdoors while breathing fresh air made me think, I should have done that. Guaranteed the next time I am assisting my aid with cleaning up a patient with c-diff I will be thinking of that fresh air.
You could find a hundred ways to compare human and animal patients, but that wouldn't be fair to the humans.

Growing up I was fortunate in that we always had animals and I was able to spend a lot of time outdoors. Then as a teenager I spent 18 months working for a veterinarian, because I thought that was the field I would pursue.
However, life happens and time passes fast; then you go into an occupation that you know is stable and will always be needed.

After graduation maybe I can find a place of employment that affords us a little hobby farm with some goats and chickens or we can adopt abused animals. Plus coming home to animals after working with people all day would also be a great stress reliever.


Kendra said...

I started out college the first time around as a pre-vet major...worked for a small animal vet and shadowed a large animal vet. Interesting work, without a doubt...but you still have to deal with humans. And some of those humans will make you sick -- The ones who allow their animals to breed, breed, breed because they need to make money from selling pups. The people who opt to put their healthy 8-year-old dog to sleep because they decide they don't want her anymore. The people who decide to put their 10-year-old cat outside after letting him live indoors his whole life because one of the kids develops an allergy to cats (put the kid outside, then...kidding. Mostly.) I had to choke back plenty of tears over the couple of years I worked there.

There are plenty of clients who treat their animals like family members, and they are wonderful to deal with. But the ones who treat animals as mere possessions to be tossed away when inconvenient...yuck.

Zazzy Episodes said...

Aww a hobby farm sounds like fun, but still a lot of work.

NP Odyssey said...

Kendra, I know there are a lot of horrible people who should never own animals. I was just day dreaming about a perfect world where everybody is kind and cares.

Zazzy, lots of work yes, but I find it comforting being around the animals. Unless they are the ones to eat.

Estelle Darling said...

Similar to Kendra, I was considering becoming a pre-vet major. One of the vets that I shadowed told me pointblank one day that if i was doing this just because I liked animals more than people, I was in the wrong profession because never did he have a dog or cat come to him of their own volition. Kind of ruined it for me. lol