Friday, March 25, 2011

Frustration with school

Haven't been posting about school lately because frankly I'm not liking it. Between the PowerPoint presentation and final papers I would rather be doing than just about anything else, including cleaning up incontinent, confused and restrained patients.

Plus, an instructor who I used to think was wonderful, has transformed into one of the biggest bitches in my life, which is saying a lot.

As nurses you are always told to leave you personal issues at the door, and I understand that we all have bad days from time to time. But, to our detriment her bad days and personal problems have lasted for months now and were tired of hearing about it.

Amendment 3/27: Sorry I usually don't like to read about others complaining and I did the exact same thing :(


rnraquel said...

Oh dear. I am sending some good thoughts your way :o

Zazzy Episodes said...

Well what the heck on earth is going on NPO? Has the instructor changed or is it just you? When you say she's turned into a bitch, do you think something different has happened in her personal life that might've changed her?

Sorry you're having a tough time, nothing is fun when you can't even find something to enjoy about it.

It'll get better soon, because it has to right?

NP Odyssey said...

Sorry and thanks for the concerns, but I was just releasing some pent-up frustration. I guess it's hard to tell with words alone that I was half joking.

Zazzy - We know the instructor very well and she has had a lot of personal stress lately. She just got re-married, her daughter moved back home with her kid and some other situations. She can't separate work and her private life and has been disorganized and short tempered towards students and absent often which is affecting our studies. Maybe bitch was a strong word to use, then again....