Friday, April 22, 2011


There is a site called 750 words and it kind of describes why I started blogging, but it is not a Blogging site or Facebook. It is a place where you write 750 words a day to yourself, and nobody reads it. Kind of like the old days when people kept journals or diaries about their thoughts.

By writing 750 words a day you release some of that inner energy, creativity or frustration. You can write in the mornings to get your mind working or at the end of the day to let things go. They call it "a daily brain dump" and creative or not it probably helps.

To write freely and say what is really on my mind. That's my problem I recently started worrying about what others would think or want to read and see.


Zazzy Episodes said...

Very interesting, I'll have to look into this website. I've been looking for something to help my teenager get better at her writing, without soliciting a blog where others could stalk her.

Don't you dare worry about what you write about or what you say; no one here will care any less of what you decide to say. Keep on writing NPO and don't you stop.

Amber said...

I hadn't ever heard of it before! It's hard to be completely transparent while blogging---I try my best so as not to come off as having a life without imperfection -- cuz we are FULL of imperfection and chaos. Ha! I guess I think that's what makes it fun!

PGYx said...

Thanks for the tip! Not sure I can commit to every day, but I'm excited to try this as most of the time my life flies by faster than I can process.