Friday, April 15, 2011

Special Place in Hell

Maybe I'm noticing it more or maybe it's happening more; those stories in the news that make you think how could somebody do that?

A wheelchair van is stolen.
An elderly 90-year-old woman is pushed down to the ground and assaulted.
A greedy pharmacist dilutes cancer medication to increase his profits.
Cemetery grave markers and headstones are destroyed by a bunch of drunken partying idiots.

Now this, three girls in Georgia were running a lemonade stand to raise money for their two-year-old cousin who is sick and needs surgery. Two losers decide they are going to steal the $130 dollars the girls had raised and run.

Good people always seem to step-up in these situations by donating to make things right. Just a sad commentary on some people these days. Someday in Hell they will wish they had some Lemonade.


Amber said...

Awww!! That is the saddest story ever :( People suck.

nurse XY said...

Yep. People suck.

Cartoon Characters said...

It used to be that criminals even had *some* morals and lines they wouldn't cross. Not anymore.

Syndal said...

aw i hear ya...i was watching the news tonight and got really sad. i cannot believe how terrible people can truly be.

rnraquel said...

I used to be a total news watcher/newspaper reader, now not so much. Too depressing :(

Krista said...

Agreed, I can't deal with news anymore. I deal with patients and their neglectful/unsupportive/downright nasty family members, that is depressing enough.