Monday, April 26, 2010

Don't sweat the small things.

I was taking a load of recycling out to the dumpster this morning when I noticed a man in the dumpster and from a distance could not tell what he was doing? Maybe maintenance or some complex employee trying to compact the stuff more by stepping on it, or sorting out some things that should have gone in the regular trash. So as I approached I said hi and tossed some old phone books in the other end.
The man looked at me and apologized several times, he explained about losing his job and how hard it was to make ends meet  on only his wife's salary. I told him take whatever you want I don't care and headed back down the parking lot. I thought about it and decided to give him some money, my pockets were  empty so as I got home to grab a five I noticed the man getting into an old car and driving off.
We stress about bills and writing papers but is it really that important in the big picture of life?

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Candi said...

How true is that. Sometimes I stress myself out endlessly over a test or something trivial like that when in reality what do I have to stress about? Thanks for the reminder.