Sunday, April 11, 2010


When you mention Seattle to anybody around the country the first thought is rain. But it does not rain as much as people imagine, what actually gets to you is the lack of sunshine. I remember watching the news and the weatherman saying Seattle averaged 58 days of sunshine a year. Now that means sunshine from dusk til dawn so the days with an hour or two of sunshine in the afternoons does not count. There was also a reason the grunge musicians wore flannel and it was not a fashion statement, it was to stay warm. Seattle is damp and cold year round, homes with air conditioning are rare because it is not needed, except for a few days a year. It really is a depressing place to live
People are nice for the most part but there is an overall conservative mentality. Keep government out of my business, unless I need them. Pro death penalty, but anti-abortion. Social programs are bad, guns good. The timber and fishing industries really established the Seattle area last century, and that way of thinking still exists.

Seattle sunny days

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Cartoon Characters said...

Luckily, just a 3 hour drive find a socialized way of living - there is very little excuse to be living on the street ...very few pro-gun people, pro-abortion, no death penalty...tolerance on the whole to alternate living choices...however most people you would meet would claim to be "conservative".... :)