Thursday, April 22, 2010

Maybe it something about being educated that I find attractive. Being educated does not necessarily mean years of school, it can be world experience. Yes I do like looking at beautiful women of all types, but interest is lost if they are stupid. Maybe you don't hold a PhD, but be enthusiastic and knowledgeable about something, and be able to hold a conversation. This ran through my head yesterday while attending a seminar with some other students and listening to some of the attractive speakers.

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Candi said...

I abhor ignorance. There's nothing worse than being around or talking to an ignorant person. Take for instance the show "Jersey Shore". My 14 year old son LOVES that show, but it hurts me to watch it (which I don't, but sometimes I catch snippets of it while he's watching it). The level of ignorance on that show is crazy and the sad thing is, is that they have no idea how ignorant they really are, it makes me insane!!!