Thursday, September 16, 2010

Chilean miners get cigarettes

So the Chilean miners trapped back in early August and found alive 17 days later have now been allowed to receive cigarettes. Almost immediately upon contact the men started receiving nicotine patches, gum and antidepressants, which seemed like a good combo to me.
But the 33 men kept asking for cigarettes and continued to be told it was not appropriate. Do you think? Fresh air might be a problem when everything is sent up and down through holes like your bank's drive-thru teller. However someone had a change of heart and now they will share 2 packs a day.

The story does not end there. Besides the cigarettes they have also been requesting alcohol, but continue to be denied. So they will send cigarettes into a confined space 70 stories below ground and yet worry about some wine and beer. Is there someone concerned about the contraindications of the alcohol and antidepressants?

Where is Mark Burnett? You want reality TV, they should have sent a live feed down there from day one.

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