Monday, September 13, 2010


It's happened.  I printed my syllabuses and ordered my text books for next quarter, before the last one was even over. Anticipating tougher classes I decided to start reading ahead and not just when required. I think of school so much different today than in the past.
During high school it was about ditching and doing the minimum to get by and not be held back. A pass or fail philosophy ruled, hell we spent more time trying to figure out ways to stay out of school, rather than be in it.
In a different decade nursing school took on more of a survival attitude, I worked full-time and school happened during nights and weekends. Even so there was enough time to squeeze in some social outings, because it is easy to find an excuse to have drinks with friends.
Now in a new decade when I don't have time to drink and truly enjoy learning, I realize that I have become a fucking geek, and I like it.


Anonymous said...

Technically, it sounds like you're a nerd -

The fact that I point this out probably (definitely, like my whole life) makes me a nerd as well. A nerd with OCD.

NP Odyssey said...

Dammit maybe I am a nerd.

Candi said...

I too have joined the nerd herd and I am loving every second of it!!! I think all people should wait to go to college until at least age 30, then they'd have more of an idea what they really want in life, or more acurately, what they DON'T want.