Monday, September 20, 2010

   Maybe it is just me, but genetically modified fast growing salmon that can get twice as big as normal farm raised salmon, does not seem like a good idea. They spliced a gene from a large eel to get the salmon to grow this way. It is also guaranteed that some will escape into the wild; so there will be huge salmon roaming the oceans eating other species that normally would be safe.
People have been really good at introducing hundreds of non-native plants and animals into the wild that have decimated the native populations. Why not splice an ostrich gene with a chicken and see what happens? Actually that might be kind of funny.

This is all beside the fact that they do not know how people's health will be affected over the long run. Although I guess it can't be much worse than the chemicals and preservative the food industry pushes on us now.

Giant chickens and fish, I really do need the next couple of weeks off.

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