Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Asia Builds it America Buys it

 Americans are saving and the economists don't like it. They say for us to recover quicker we need to spend. That's right because Americans are saving and not spending the economy will suffer.
This started after WWI and during the era of President Coolidge, our government decided that the US should be a consumer based economy, so for the last 80 years that is how we have operated.
That is the mentality of our fucking government, both Republican and Democrats
We market, advertise and sell everything and after a crises were told to spend to help the economy. Remember 9-11? President Bush did not tell us to sacrifice or let the terrorist know they changed us, no he said go out and spend.

Japan figured this out in the 60's and became the second largest economy in the world. They figured if they built it, we would buy it, and they were right. In the next few decades China, Taiwan, Korea adopted that ideal and it became a business model that if Asia builds it America will buy it.

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