Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tattoo Removal

Driving near Minneapolis and noticed this business, which should be a growing industry, and in most States it does not appear that you need a special license to operate a tattoo laser removal machine.

Potential clients would be all those people who got tattoos and now regret it.
Someone not in your life anymore, but their name is, permanently.
That tribal art or barbed tattoo around your arm that was trendy a decade ago, not so much anymore.
All those women who twenty years ago got a tramp stamp on their lower back thinking it looked good. With age and wisdom comes hindsight and an expanded waist line, so now that butterfly looks like a pterodactyl  medial and superior to your ass.

This really might be a good business to get into, because this does not look sexy.


Anonymous said...

And when this person gains 50 pounds and gets old it will be a stretched and horrible looking

Mark Jonson said...

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