Monday, January 10, 2011

End of the World

I've been having fun with someone at work about an ongoing subject that really interests him, and although I do find it curious I'm not ready to call it apocalyptic just yet.

Anyone reading the news recently has heard of the massive bird and fish deaths happening around the world. Here in the States it started on New Years day with thousands of birds dropping from the sky in Arkansas, then hundreds of miles away thousands of fish dying in a river.

Since then it has been happening around the world, and the UK's Daily Mail online reported it so it must be serious, because they have a map.

Being in the float pool I run into him on different floors and bring the subject up, because he really thinks it has something to do with 2012 and a magnetic change in our planet. It is also fun because he is one of our doctors and when I bring the subject up he asks others around if they have seen the movie 2012.

I'll wait a little bit longer to declare a connection and ensuing mass panic. Besides I have class in a few hours.

I found a map too where large scale animal deaths have been happening, but it is a few days old so there may be more since google published it.


Zazzy Episodes said...

It's pretty crazy to see all those birds and fish dying, and I haven't seen that 2012 movie, but it's fun to tease other people about it if you ask me.
My strength, faith, and spiritual life lies with the good Lord above and whatever happens happens. I know where I'll be going at the end of this life. Amen!

Anonymous said...

The magnetic pole is moving. A lot.
"Paleomagnetism has taught us that the magnetic pole flips regularly, going from north to south and vice versa, once every 250,000 years on average. However, the last inversion occurred 780,000 years ago! Are we on the eve of such a major event?"