Saturday, January 15, 2011

Big Island

I love the large metropolitan area where I live now with its diverse cultures and endless things to do. But like most big cities it can be hectic and sometimes I think it would be nice to live somewhere a little slower, so to speak.

A few years ago I spent a couple weeks on the big island of Hawaii and really enjoyed it. Because it was a relatives place instead of a hotel, I got more of a feeling for the community. It also helped that it was a vacation to relax, never becoming more stressful than snorkeling with spinner dolphins and turtles, a helicopter ride or hiking volcano national park.

Even though it is bigger than all the other islands combined and I love being near the water, I imagined it would become too small and claustrophobic of a place to live permanently and too far away from family and friends.
However, there might be something to just leaving it all behind after graduation and working in a less stressful location, for a few years anyway.


rnraquel said...

That sounds wonderful! I would love to snorkel with the dolphins :)

Right now I am living in my most huge, diverse city yet. It has very large Puerto Rican and Cuban populations. I also work with people from Jamaica, Venezuela, Trinidad, and Colombia, Russia, and Spain. There is always something to do. But my favorite part is trying all the new and different foods! Yum!

NP Odyssey said...

Rnraquel, it is funny because most don't think of FL as diverse culturally, but having spent time there as a nurse it is very diverse. Where I worked a lot of people from Europe, South and Central America

Wannabe_NP said...

I have always wanted to move away and just do that 'escape.' Start fresh, change things, improve things, and see if you can do it if you were to do it again...

And Hawaii sounds like a great place to do it!

Looks beautiful :)

Zazzy Episodes said...

What a beautiful picture, sounds dreamy to get away and relax.
I use to live in a city with a population of 427 and there was only one stop light, I hated it. My neighbors would comment that they saw my lights in my house on after 1am and asked what I was up that late for?? Uggh!
Good luck if you choose something less large in size.

Doctor Blondie said...

That sounds like a dream!

NP Odyssey said...

Dreams can come true

Cartoon Characters said...

I often thot of moving to Hawaii for a while.
I am happy where I am for the moment.
Some of my husband's family lives there - Maui.