Saturday, January 8, 2011

Broken System

Reading the news before I head off for an 11am shift, I love that shift because I can sleep in, but I see that Blue Shield of California is seeking a 59% rate increase in health insurance premiums. This has nothing to do with any new health care laws, it is because they are a private company and need to show a profit to the stockholders, and other companies across the country are trying to raise their rates as well.

My opinions are biased on this subject and there is not enough time to express them before work, but I will later. Our system is broken, not necessarily the care available, but our system.
When I tell both patients and people I meet that I am a nurse, but I do not have health care they are shocked.
Then I explain about being in school full time and working per diem at the hospital and that I can't afford it. My best health insurance now is eating right and being careful. If something happens and I need a hospital stay or even a visit to the doctor, I'm screwed.
It's a right to own a gun in this country, but not a right to have basic primary health care, and to those thinking anyone can use the emergency department when needed, they need a reality check because that is not primary health care.


rnraquel said...

It is ridiculous. I have been working per diem since I had my son 1 year ago. I am very fortunate that I am able to get health insurance through my spouse. However, we pay a ginormous ton of money for it and still have a $3,000 deductible. Thank God at least we have catastrophic coverage, but things are so broken. Please continue letting people know the real story.

Syndal said...

I know what you mean..I'm a nurse without health insurance right now too because I'm a full time student. it's ridiculous.

Doctor Blondie said...

It's horrible. I live in a country where everybody has, and can afford health insurance. It costs me 30 euros a month, at the moment.

NP Odyssey said...
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NP Odyssey said...

Dr. Blondie I understand, having lived in Canada for 17 years I can say their system is not perfect, BUT I would take it in a heart beat over ours.
Like all reform and government systems they have been adjusting it since it was introduced. That does not mean you get rid of it, just work on the parts that are broken. Hopefully they do that here.

RnRaquel & Syndal it is sad and in a sick way good that new nurses are experiencing what many of your future patients feel daily.
It is also a good topic for research papers.

Wannabe_NP said...

I cannot imagine living and working in an environment like that... How does one be healthy if the world around them is not healthy??

Pollyanna said...

Word. I pay a crazy amount of money every month for an individual health insurance policy for my husband and myself. My job doesn't give health insurance and we haven't owned our business for long enough to get insurance for ourselves through it yet. Argh.

PPLIC said...

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