Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Winter quarter 2011

So glad to be back because it means one quarter closer to the end. Even though it has only been a few weeks it is good to see familiar faces again, and really I do enjoy school. As I mentioned to another blogger it is one of those controllable parts of our otherwise uncontrollable lives, because it is your choice to study, attend and participate, or not.

I don't know how people do online only school? I like the social interaction and being able to see the actual faces of people asking questions and being able to ask questions myself in real time. At least for now in health care you have to deal with actual physical patients, no online avatars or texting your way to a diagnose. Although that would cut down on me coming into contact with unwanted body fluids.

In real world school it only takes a class or two to figure out who is going to be that annoying person who asks questions every time the instructor takes a breath. Some classmates will roll their eyes, but I don't give a rat's ass there is too much to do. I start scanning my textbook or writing down ideas for papers because this part is controllable in my life.


Zazzy Episodes said...

I don't understand online schooling either. I really enjoy being "in" school and asking ?'s right away when they are fresh in my mind and getting the answer so I'm not wasting time through my homework. I'm happy you are enjoying being back in school.
How was your day back?

Amber said...

Online schooling is the answer to many people's dreams!! Being a working mother, it would be nearly impossible for me to travel 1.5 hours each day to go to classes. I go up there every other Wednesday and then 3 times per semester, we are required to be on campus for a Wednesday-Saturday session, though some are just one class per day. It offers a great balance and our questions are answered.
PS---it only takes a few postings online to figure out who those "annoying" classmates are---haha!! I had them pegged well before meeting anyone face-to-face. My impressions didn't fail me! HA! Glad you enjoyed your day back! I'm not so much looking forward to mine next week!

NP Odyssey said...

I won't fault anybody for taking online classes, just not my cup of tea as they say.
Hybrid classes are becoming more popular so at least you are in physical contact sometimes.

Zazzy, first day back usual review of the syllabus. However, the classes I needed this quarter were on three different nights, (M,T,TH) so one down two more to go.

Estelle Darling said...

I've never been a big fan on online classes either [although, I do love the idea of not having to change out of my pajamas to attend lecture]. But I am looking into them for my BSN.